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Atoyeva Dilnoza Ilhom Qizi


The Children's press today is resembling itself as a type of printed media, which still holds the need, interest, demand for printed media. Children's Publishing has reached a period when its direction, regardless of distribution coverage, should take more consideration over the need of the audience. After all, we are now living in a tense time when there is a high probability of being overlooked from the point of view of the readers, unless we can fully engage the audience with specific approaches. It is possible to gain readers’ love towards publication with the preparation of a topic in the midst of their desires, interests. To do this, from the press officer to the author, it is necessary to look to the job through the eyes of the children, to prepare their material, becoming a modern companion. They are required to make constant improvement of their creative skills with new styles.In this article, we will examine how much the current children's publications adhere to the creative approach, as well as the situations, problems, and make suggestions and comments.

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