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Aytkulova Guljavxar Shekerbaevna


The article explores the problems and innovative technologies and causes of their occurrence in foreign students who graduated pre-university training. The article suggests possible effective methods for preventing future students from problems in the first years of study at the university. For writing this work, such methods of research, as observation, analysis and generalization were used. The article examines the learning situations in the teaching of the Russian language, as well as in vocational subjects at the stage of Pre University training, during which problems of foreign students arise that impede successful study at the university. The work examines the methodological point of view of the teachers mistakes, identified by the author based on monitoring the method of working with foreign students in the preparatory department. Classes in vocational subjects, where attention is focused on the method of submitting educational material, are of particular interest. The author of this article believes that the methods of vocational subjects should also be developed in accordance with the principle of taking into account the contingent of foreign students. This approach will help students to understand better the language of the vocational subject, and the teacher to understand and eliminate the possible cause of failures, during the learning of the vocational subject in Russian. The teacher should take into account the fact that foreign students are taught in a foreign language. We believe that this study can make a certain contribution to the field of teaching methods for vocational subjects at the stage of pre-university training of foreign students and can be taken into account when working with this contingent of students.

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