Best paper award for the authors, is a key initiative by JournalNX to support the authors and to motivate them to prepare the best paper for publication. Best paper award certificate will be given to the authors of shortlisted papers for the best paper award. We are appreciating the research conducted by our authors in the recent developments of engineering, management and sciences. To promote the research environment we are taking this positive step to appreciate the authors.

Best paper award

Criteria for best paper award:

  • The work published in the paper must be original
  • The published work must be contributing something for betterment of the society, technology, process, workflow, software, sciences, management principles, applications of engineering etc
  • The language of the paper must be accurate with proper utilization of words and grammar
  • The paper must be cited by others for their future work
  • The paper must have properly cited the recent published research

Rules for best paper award:

  • All the rights are reserved with the editorial board members of JournalNX
  • We may add or remove the categories for the best paper award after every general meeting of editors
  • Editorial board members decision will be final about the award and we are not bound to provide any explanation on the decision made
  • The award is given by JournalNX for appreciation of the authors; no one should consider this as a right
  • In one issue more than one awards can be given depending upon the requirement met by the papers
  • The best papers award will be announced quarterly for the past issues of the journal
  • The award is in terms of the certificate and there is no financial amount assured, while editors may take the decision to return the publication charges of the particular paper if it is found outstanding
  • All the decisions, rights and the conditions are subjected to change without prior notice to any authors as per the suggestion/decision of the editorial board members.

Best Paper Award:

  • The frontrunner of the best paper award will be honored with the valuable certificate.