JournalNX, is providing the platform for, academicians, researchers, scholars and students to publish their original, Research Article, Article; book chapter, Article; proceedings paper, Biographical item, Book review, Correction, Editorial material, Editorial material; book chapter, Letter, Meeting abstract, News item, Reprint, Review, Review; book chapter, Software review, Papers, Seminars, Project synopsis, Case studies, Thesis, Dissertation, essay, exposition, Manuscript, Surveys And other material in the field of Engineering, technology, science, and management.

Following categories of the research articles helps the authors to understand who we are:

  • Science Journal

We cover all the possible disciplines of the science to publish the manuscripts. The exposure of the science articles from physics, chemistry, mathematical, and applied sciences is possible in JournalNX. We are simply the international journal of science and research.

  • Academic Journal

We cover the academic conferences organized in the field of current research in engineering, science, research in technology and management studies as well.

  • Engineering Journal

The coverage of the articles from various disciplines of engineering all over the world makes us the international engineering journal. The engineering journal covers but not limited to the following areas:

      • Biomedical Engineering
      • Chemical Engineering and Allied Branches
      • Civil Engineering and Allied Branches
      • Computer Engineering and Allied Branches
      • Electrical Engineering and Allied Branches
      • Electronics Engineering and Allied Branches
      • Marine Engineering and Allied Branches
      • Mechanical Engineering and Allied Branches
      • Textile Engineering


  • International Journal of Current Research in Technology

The current research in the recent technologies in following areas is under the scope of this international journal.

      • Engineering and Technology Applications
      • Engineering Technology
      • Environmental Engineering and Allied Branches
      • Information Technology
      • Renewable Energy Technology


  • Management Journal

We include the research articles for management and allied disciplines. We encourage the researchers from management discipline to send the research articles from core managerial skill-sets development point of view.