Indexing Awaited

What is Indexing?

The indexing of the journal stands for making the published articles available on different standard international online platforms in order to improve the citations to the articles. The journal articles available on the different repositories will help the researchers to refer for their further work. JournalNX believes in making the articles available at the best platforms as we believe in the philosophy of open access to the published research articles. Refer

There are several paid and unpaid services available globally for journal Indexing, most of the services are preserving the documents and making it available whenever required for future references. The reputed repositories of the journal articles are sharing the data with universities, public libraries and other scientific sources. While the open access repositories are making the data available free of cost and the access is open to all. As the published article is indexes in various standard platforms, the article will be referred by the author and cited for their work. More the citations for the articles more will be the authenticity of the published article. The high quality articles will be referred by the researchers to improve their work and citation can be treated as a symbol of popular and original research article.

JournalNX believes in improving the citations of the articles by indexing the articles in various standard and authentic platforms of journal indexing. The more citations of the articles will be together counted as the citations of the journal and the journal with highest citations will be the best journal from the point of view of the Impact Factor. We can judge the quality of the journal and its articles with the citations achieved by the journal.

JournalNX is indexed in above international databases. Please click on the logos to verify the indexing of JournalNX and to know about the number of articles indexed in the database. Our team is working on continuous submission of the articles in the said databases; authors are requested to keep patience for minimum one month from the date of publication to check the status of the articles indexed.