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CALL FOR PAPERS - Volume 10, Issue 5
Submission open for - May- 2024
Last Date Of Submission May, 25th, 2024
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Why publish with us?

Some of the key features of JournalNX for authors benefit are :

  • Leading platform for the scholarly articles since 2015
  • Globally accepted indexing of the research articles
  • Online submission 
  • Multidisciplinary International Journal
  • Open Access to the published articles under Creative Commons license
  • High impact journal with wide readers base
  • Peer review for each articles
  • Notifications and assistance during every stage of the publication
  • Ethically standard platform for the publication of the scholarly articles
  • Author-friendly environment for up gradation of publishing skills
  • Publication ethics to support the quality publishing
  • 24*7 Support for readers, authors and editorial board members
  • Enormous coverage of the research articles
  • Security Signed Certificate to assure excellence

JournalNX is the one-stop solution for all the researchers and authors those are looking for the best:

  • Science Journal
  • Academic Journal
  • Engineering and Technology Journal
  • International Journal of Scientific Research
  • Journal of Teacher Education
  • Human Resource Management Journal
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Education and Languages

In our monthly call for papers, we invite the researcher to publish their research with ease. Well, its always better to be the part of a multidisciplinary platform like us. Here you find the wast coverage of quality research articles.

The call for papers for the conferences and special issues will be subject specific. Yes, we do organize and support the conferences on any topic of our scope. The best part is the wide scope of our articles.

The multidisciplinary fields covered by us makes you better understand why people call us a:

Science Journal

Science journal has to contribute as a great source of research. We cover all the possible disciplines of the science to publish the manuscripts.

The exposure of the science articles from physics, chemistry, mathematical, and applied sciences is possible in JournalNX.

We are simply the international science journal. The insights of the research are covered by us as a science journal. We cover all the areas of research as a science journal.

The science journal covers the various application of science also. We do publish the research and review articles in engineering applications of science.

Behind every system there is science. Science develops with research. Science applications make it easy to work. We being supporters have to support research published in the science journal.

Academic Journal

An Academic journal is the one which covers the various academic concerns. The academic journal covers several disciplines of academics. We are the academic journal of engineering, technology management, and science.

The academic journal supports the publications from various academic institutions. We have wide readers base on academics. The academic journal of research invites you to submit the academic research.

Academic journal being the open access source will help you to gather information on current academic research.

The coverage of academic developments all over the world is one of our primary goals. The academics need to be experimental and versatile. It motivates the learners.

The academicians are always performing the experiments on various technologies. Our focus is to cover the excellent initiatives in academic research.

Engineering and Technology Journal

Engineering and technology journal to serve your technical information needs. The coverage of the articles from various disciplines of engineering all over the world makes us the engineering and technology journal.

The engineering and technology journal covers almost all branches of engineering and technology. Great work is published by us in previous few years.

There are many engineering and technology journal in the market, still, we are one of the trusted.

Engineers are the most probable researchers. Many of the engineering applications are great selling products today. It is the result of the research of the engineers.

We are here to promote your research. Firstly, we are giving you the global opportunity to publish your research work. It'sour promise to take care of all your publications related to the engineering and technology.

International Journal of Scientific Research

International journal of scientific research covers all the major research areas. The scientific research covers various principles and the observations.

We as an international journal of scientific research invite the observations, analysis, and scientific applications. The international journal of scientific research promoting the researchers to come up with better quality research papers.

Despite the fact, a huge number of the international journal of scientific research available, we are getting a good number of articles.

We cover the scientific research articles in Engineering and technology to great extent.

Journal of Teacher Education

Being journal of teacher education, we cover concepts supporting it. The journal of teacher education invites articles to support the teachers. We believe the teacher has the role to play in the student's development.

"The good students today are better citizens tomorrow"

Efforts by the teachers can make any country great. Journal of teacher education is motivating the teachers to design new processes and systems for education.

Any country will develop if the teachers play a massive role in student development. We being a journal of teacher education are providing the platform to guide the teachers.

The articles on teacher education will help the teaching professionals to teach effectively. We invite you to submit the case studies, teaching methods, analysis and implemented technologies for teachers.

Yes, we are supporting the teacher, by means of providing the great information. The sharing of information is one of the basic things we can do.

Moreover, this is just the start. In coming time we are planning to organize conferences on education technologies. We are the leading journal of teacher education in coming time.

Human Resource Management Journal

As a human resource management journal, management research is covered in our issues. We include the research articles for human resource management journal disciplines.

We encourage the researchers from human resource management journal discipline to send the research articles for core managerial skill-sets development.

The human resource management is the game changer in past decade. It has open the doors for the companies to utilize the human resource effectively.

Proper use of human resources is the key to success for any organization. Every organization always cares about the human resource management.

JournalNX is often providing the platform for, academicians and researchers to publish.

Finally, we invite you to submit the papers in the field of Engineering, technology, and science

Well if you are thinking about how to prepare a paper?

Beleive us it is not difficult. We will help you. Our blog post will help you. We have prepared the complete guide to help you.

Our simple steps will help you in preparing a good paper. This is a superb guide for you. Sometimes we find the things difficult but believe us it's not.

At last, we wish you best wishes for your paper publication. We wish you to be the part of a great publishing service with us.

Must Know About Paper Submission:

Manuscripts submitted for publication will pass through the various stages of plagiarism, grammar check, and peer review process before accepting it for publication. Notifications of the corrections and acceptance/rejections will be sent to the authors through the JournalNX author’s account and emails.

JournalNX team is working hard to improve the publishing experience of the authors with the little efforts and with ethically sound publishing services.

The research articles must be original and should not contain any plagiarized data from any online or offline resources. The peer-reviewed articles after completion of the registration formalities post acceptance will be made available in the monthly issue of JournalNX.