The authors and reviewers are our asset for achieving the goal of excellence in technical paper publications. We have came across several common queries regarding the paper publication, processing and other basic things, our team has worked hard to address the common queries for authors , reviewers and other users.

1.What is JournalNX?

JournalNX is a multidisciplinary peer reviewed international journal which covers engineering, management and science discipline.

2.Why the name JournalNX?

NX simply stands for the next generation; the title journalnx came from the ideology of delivering the next generation of ease and services to the authors for publishing the research.

3.Which disciplines are covered by JournalNX?

We cover all disciplines of Engineering, technology, sciences and management, while the detail information will be found here.

4.What is impact factor?

It is the average citations per article over the period of recent 2 years.(Read More)

5.What is the benefit of impact factor for the author?

There is no direct benefit for the author to publish the paper in high impact factor journal. High impact factor is just the representation of the citations received by the journal articles.

6.What is processing charge for articles publication?

Processing charges generally includes the expenses for checking, reviewing, publishing, preserving and indexing the article/paper.

7.How to pay the processing charges?

You can pay the charges online through your author account with JournalNX.

8.What is ISSN No.?

An ISSN stands for International Standard Serial No. (Read More)

9.Who Assigns the ISSN No.?

A National centre of the country assigns the ISSN no to the journals. If national centre is not present in the country then International centre for ISSN will assign the ISSN no.

10.Can every article need an ISSN?

No. ISSN no is for a journal and not for paper.

11.Where can I find my paper?

Please go through the ways of finding your papers here.

12.Where to contact JournalNX?

Please contact us here for any queries on

13.How to publish a research paper?

Please go through the guidelines given here

14.How to check the status of the paper?

You can check the status of the submitted paper for publication through the author account login.

15.What are deadlines/ last date for paper submission?

Generally the last date of paper submission is the date 25th of every month throughout the year, while for any further change in the date please checks call for paper page of JournalNX.

16.How much fees I have to pay for paper submission?

We do not charge any fees for paper submission, while authors have to pay the processing charges upon acceptance of the paper. The detail of the fees to be paid is available here.

17.Where can I find Manuscript Preparation Guidelines?

We have provided the detailed information on various pages; authors are requested to visit following pages :

18.Where can I find Copyrights Transfer Form?

It is available in the download section of homepage.

19.What are the policies of JournalNX on plagiarism?

JournalNX is very strict upon the plagiarized contents, we request the authors not to submit any paper with copied content from any source. The details of the plagiarism policy are available here.

20.What is peer review?

Peer review is the process of checking the quality of the contents presented in the paper. Each paper received by us is checked by two experts in the same field and evaluated for acceptance/ rejection. (Read more)

21.What is advantage of a peer reviewed journal for authors?

With the suggestions of the experts, the author gets an opportunity to improve the work. The quality of the work presentation will be improved and the contents of the research paper will be presented more effectively with incorporation of the changes suggested by the reviewers.

22.How much time will be taken for peer review process?

Generally, we cannot commit any time frame for peer review process. The process may be delayed due to unavailability of the expert in the field. JournalNX is working hard to complete the process on earliest.

23.Can the policy of fees waiver is applicable for me?

We are really keen about providing the platforms to the people in need. Our editorial board members have drafted a clear policy upon fees waiver. More details are available here.

24.Where can I find the blog posts by JournalNX?

JournalNX has come up with the technical blog to help the technical society upon various issues. The JournalNX blog is available here.

25.What is DOI?

DOI stands for digital object identifier of the article.

26.What is advantage of DOI?

Each article is preserved for future and has a unique identification number.

27.Why DOI is important?

DOI helps in identifying and searching the article which a one number.

28.What is indexing of a journal?

Indexing is the service where all the published articles of the journal are submitted for better search, visibility and citations.

29.Where JournalNX is indexed?

Please check the indexing of JournalNX here.

30.What is the benefit of indexing to me?

If the journal is indexed in standard databases, the articles will be searched, referred and cited by the researchers with ease.

31.What is open access journal?

The journal which openly makes its articles available for further use without any terms or conditions is an open access journal.

32.How to share my published paper on social media?

JournalNX is glad to announce the special feature of social media sharing of articles. The published paper page has direct option of sharing the paper on various social media platforms including whats app. Authors are enjoying this facility.

33.How to cite the articles?

To cite any articles of JournalNX, one must visit cite option present for every paper.

34.Why the separate page is provided by JournalNX for each paper?

We are respecting our authors and provided the separate page for each paper published with us. Authors can directly use the url of the page for future reference.

35.Who are the editorial board members of JournalNX?

Please see our editorial team members.

36.How to join as a reviewer or editor to JournalNX?

Eligible members are always welcome by JournalNX. Interested members can join our team with online application.

37.Where can I find the testimonials?

Our reader’s authors, reviewers and editorial board members are always expressing their views with us. Few of them are available here.

38.How to publish the special issue of conference with JournalNX?

We always encourage the educational institutes to organize the various national/international conferences on the several topics of interest as per the scope of JournalNX. The conference proceedings and the papers will be published by JournalNX in form of the special issue. The details of the conference collaboration and special issue publication are available here.

39.What is UOI?

UOI is a unique object identifier for the article.

40.Where can I get more details about UOI?

Please visit

41.What are the roles and responsibilities of authors/ reviewers and the editorial team members?

All the details of roles and responsibilities of everyone directly or indirectly associated with JournalNX are well defined and available here.

We have presented the collection of the frequently asked questions in this section. We request the stakeholders of JournalNX to suggest us the queries if any related to JournalNX at [email protected]. We will update the next set of queries as soon as available with us on priority.