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Miss. Urja Mistry
Prof. Sunita P. Kharate


Plastic pollution is exploding in its full acceleration. Each passing day is becoming more and more vulnerable for the environment and the upcoming future of the world. Edible plastic water ball is one such solution which cannot fully reverse the damage but it can give the temporary aid to stop the upcoming disaster. Seaweed packaging material can be made from sodium alginate which is extracted easily from Brown Seaweed which is readily available in the ocean and which can be grown with ease. Sodium alginate when reacted with calcium lactate its forms gel like structure which in turn can be use to make these water balls. These balls can be consumed as it is with its outer packaging material. Environmental and Health benefits are the greater advantage when it comes to these water balls but its acceptance is the major concern which needs the eye on. Marketing strategy involves major role in the selling of the product. Marketing may involve environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility for the betterment of the society and also, the environment.

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Miss. Urja Mistry, & Prof. Sunita P. Kharate. (2021). A STUDY OF EDIBLE WATER BALLS IN INDIAN MARKET CONTEXT. JournalNX - A Multidisciplinary Peer Reviewed Journal, 51–55. Retrieved from https://repo.journalnx.com/index.php/nx/article/view/524

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