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Prof. Brototi Mistri
Dr. B. M. Londhe


Right from the time of inception we Indians have been majorly depending upon Agriculture. Our major Economy & Revenue is generated from the cultivation & farming. We are inheriderity rich with natural resources. We have 29 states & each state is rich in its own way & its Uniqueness We also have 6 types of Soil in India but majorly 3 are basic types sand, silt & clay. However Alluvial Soils are the most important soil group covering a major area approximately at around 47% of the countries land area & these soils majorly contribute towards the largest share of our wealth which is generated through Agriculture & support the bulk of Indian population for their bread & butter, Indian Economy, Exports, food supply etc. As a result of early cultivation & domestication of crops, plants & animals thus Indian Agriculture begun 9000 years back approximately! Since then one realized the importance & its usage to the maximum peak for production purpose. Well the objective behind studying this topic mentioned by me is to understand the importance of farming in India, its evolution from the time of start & its phases of improvement, development & its benefits to the 3 P’S people planet & profits!

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