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Abduganieva Shakhnoza Zayirkulovna


The article deals with the drying of astrakhan skin, the reduction of skin surface area and energy consumption as a result of accelerating the drying process and increasing the evaporation surface, the theory of achieving it, the amount of moisture evaporating, analytical dependence on evaporation of moisture from the astrakhan skin surface, epidermis, dermis, skin subcellular cell) the amount of moisture passing through and evaporating from its surface, the total coefficient of moisture evaporation from the surface of the dried astrakhan skin was removed and it was proved expedient to ensure double evaporation of moisture from the astrakhan skin surface to accelerate the drying of astrakhan skin

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Abduganieva Shakhnoza Zayirkulovna. (2021). INTENSIVE DRYING OF KARAKOL SKINS. JournalNX - A Multidisciplinary Peer Reviewed Journal, 140–146. Retrieved from

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