IoT and Artificial Intelligence

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Ms. Archana Rajendra Mane
Dr. Anita Keshav Patil


Communication is the basic required thing to transmit the information, feelings etc. to converse, human being in many types of languages in different part of the world people use different languages, even deaf and dumb can communicate through sign language. Communication is the basic thing to share the information and knowledge and in today’s world information is the key to success. Internet of things is a new concept in communication which supports the non-living things can communicate to each other and can do many things automatically. The concept of Internet of Things appeared several years ago and in that time has evolved into one of pillars o fthe new technologies sector. The next step is to add the artificial intelligence to Internet of Things systems. Artificial intelligence is increasingly used in everyday life. It is a concept of a wide range and applies in practice in many fields of science. In this paper the author is trying to blend the communication, technology and artificial intelligence to make the world faster connected and automated. In this paper Internet of things and artificial intelligence blends into a new product and give rise to the new shape to the technological front of the world.

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