Emergency Smart Energy Harvesting System for Disaster Management

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Sagar Ghule
Suraj Shitre
Mahesh Mujgude


Irrespective of Android or china made Smartphone, main problem observed is battery limitation. While accessing internet services of mobile phone, fast battery drainage problem occurs. In rural or remote areas we cannot charge mobile battery time to time due to unavailability of continuous electric power supply. Not only mobile devices but also other low voltage operated devices requires emergency power supply for their operation. In disaster such as tsunami or earthquake, power supply station gets destroyed and needs emergency power supply. Hence in this paper we have proposed a portable handheld smart energy harvesting device as an alternate solution for the power stations. A proposed device generates current in three ways; by receiving energy from radio waves, by electromagnetic induction and from piezoelectric components.

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Sagar Ghule, Suraj Shitre, & Mahesh Mujgude. (2021). Emergency Smart Energy Harvesting System for Disaster Management. JournalNX - A Multidisciplinary Peer Reviewed Journal, 305–309. Retrieved from https://repo.journalnx.com/index.php/nx/article/view/1945