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Xamroyev Jobir Xolmurodovich
Shukurov Jasur Hoshimovich
Normurot Ibodullaevich Fayzullayev
Mahmudov Otabek Bolbek o’g’li
Kungratov Kamolddin Asliddinovich


The study was conducted on the modification of bentonite of Navbahor district of Navoi region of the Republic of Uzbekistan in chloride, sulfuric and nitric acids and their boiling point. Modified samples were analysed by IR-spectroscopic, X-ray phase, elemental and electronmicroscopic analysis methods. Morphology, specific surface structures and spatial composition of bentonite powder found in Navbahor were studied. Mechanical processing was carried out in a planetary mill. The aim of the study is to investigate the mechanical effects and the effects of acidic processing on the structure and composition of bentonite, its structure and physicochemical properties. The following methods of inspection were used: scanning electron microscopy (SEM), X-ray structural analysis, Brunauera - Emmeta - Taylor (BET), method laser beam diffraction and element analysis. It was shown that in the first 60 minutes of mechanical processing, a further grinding of the powder was carried out in a planetary mill, with an increase in the specific surface area of 33m2/g. Subsequent mechanical activation resulted in particle agglomeration and shrinkage of the specific surface area.

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Xamroyev Jobir Xolmurodovich, Shukurov Jasur Hoshimovich, Normurot Ibodullaevich Fayzullayev, Mahmudov Otabek Bolbek o’g’li, & Kungratov Kamolddin Asliddinovich. (2021). PHYSICOCHEMICAL AND TEXTURE CHARACTERISTICS OF NATURAL BENTONITE. JournalNX - A Multidisciplinary Peer Reviewed Journal, 7(10), 45–54.