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Given the perceived benefits of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes such as negotiation and mediation and their importance, it seems that it is an adequate option for investment dispute to opt for. This paper will point out to the fact that opting for ADR that provides speedy, cheap, effective, and flexible resolution. However, it still does not mean to ignore the point that there is a room for risks associated with using these alternatives.One of the main areas in which it is necessary to introduce legal reforms in Uzbekistan is to achieve greater success in the use of alternative methods of prompt and effective settlement of disputes that have arisen. In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan in order to improve the system of protecting the rights and legitimate interests of individuals and legal entities, expanding alternative options for resolving disputes, as well as dramatically increasing the role of the institution of mediation, arbitration courts and international arbitration in optimizing the volume of work in courts  it is necessary to take drastic measures to apply alternative legal methods for resolving investment disputes.In this article, the author examines the term and general classification of alternative methods of settling investment disputes, its formation and development in Uzbekistan, and also gives the expected results that can be achieved with more active use of alternative methods of settling disputes in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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