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Dr. Emad Ahmed
Dr. Medhat Alsafadi
Dr. Ahmad Mashal
Dr. Walid Saleh


Information technology has become a major part in all sectors, especially medical services, as this technology provides great support for health care at all levels, the most important of which is electronic medical records, given the importance of medical information systems, Jordan recently launched a project Hakeem program for the purposes of developing the Jordanian medical sector to determine the importance of This program by exploring the relationship between its usability and the performance of the medical sector, and it was verified that there are statistically significant differences between two groups of Al-Hakim program users (residents and consultants / specialists) according to their initial training, age and gender in Prince Hamzah Hospital, where the questionnaire was manually distributed to a target sample formed From 83 doctors (resident, specialist/consultant) from various departments and specialties in Princess Hamzah Hospital, descriptive statistics were adopted, in addition to two independent samples T-test to describe the research sample and test the research hypotheses. The results showed that the independent variables of age and gender had a significant effect on the doctor's performance in Prince Hamzah Hospital, while the initial training did not show any significant effect on the doctor's performance using Hakeem. In view of this results increasing demand for the health information system in Jordan and with the presence of responsible and active parties, there is a need for administrators in the medical sector to pay attention to indicators of usability effectively in order to improve system performance and accountability so that the indicators can measure concepts related to the needs of specific actors and should not focus only To measure what is available or easy to measure in order to enhance the ability to understand and use a judicious system among clinicians primarily so that the use of data in performance is an integral part of clinical education and professional development now and in the future to ensure that performance indicators are clear, consistent and fit within the conceptual framework the chosen. Finally, since the Hakeem program is a national e-health program, this type of study should be carried out not only in one site in Prince Hamzah Hospital, so for future studies it should be conducted in multiple facilities to enrich the result.

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Dr. Emad Ahmed, Dr. Medhat Alsafadi, Dr. Ahmad Mashal, & Dr. Walid Saleh. (2021). HAKEEM E-SYSTEMS USABILITY IN JORDAN PUBLIC HOSPITALS: A CASE STUDY OF PRINCE HAMZA HOSPITAL. JournalNX - A Multidisciplinary Peer Reviewed Journal, 7(06), 108–117. https://doi.org/10.17605/OSF.IO/S98G4