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Izolda Chincharashvili


Kakheti is one of the main regions of Georgian winemaking. In its territory, vineyards are cultivated at 400-700 meters above sea level and high quality wine is made from the grapes grown here. It seems that climatic conditions should definitely be conducive. Assessment of agro-climatic resources of Kakheti territory specifically for vine culture, It was conducted by N.Bidzinashvili. He has discussed the conditions of providing heat and moisture for such vine crops as Rkatsiteli, Saperavi and Mtsvane. The study is based on sums of active air temperatures and moisture supply coefficient, which is the ratio of the amount of precipitation to the amount of water required for vine cultivation. He also discusses the radiation regime and heat balance of Kakheti territory. Maps of schematic zones of radiation balance and hydration coefficient have been developed. The hydration coefficient is represented as the ratio of evaporation to evaporation. But, N.Bidzinashvili's research, the main focus is on tabular material and relatively few special content maps, which are necessary for proper planning and conduct of agricultural work. An important climatic indicator for agriculture, such as soil temperature, has also not been considered. We aimed to discuss the whole set of indicators of agro-climatic resources - the sums of active air temperatures, soil surface temperature and hydration coefficient. We were able to obtain detailed maps of the distribution of these indicators on the territory of Kakheti, which exhaustively reflects the potential of the region's agro-climatic resources specifically for vines. In this paper we will talk only about the sums of active air temperatures.

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